The neighborhood is bordered by Whyte Avenue to the north.

Welcome to Ritchie

Ritchie derives its name from the original owner of the Ritchie Mill and the former mayor of the City of Strathcona. Residents of Ritchie enjoy convenient access to both the vibrant nightlife in nearby Old Strathcona and the picturesque Mill Creek Ravine. 
The neighborhood is bordered by Whyte Avenue to the north, 72 Avenue to the south, Mill Creek Ravine to the east, and 100 Street to the west, south of 79 Avenue.
Whyte Avenue offers excellent connectivity to the University of Alberta, while 99 Street, which runs through Ritchie, enables easy access to the downtown area.
In addition to its strategic location, Ritchie boasts a diverse mix of housing options, appealing to various needs and preferences. Ritchie's proximity to popular spots like Old Strathcona and Mill Creek Ravine offers residents a perfect blend of urban excitement and natural beauty.
The neighbourhood’s well-connected roads make it an ideal choice for those seeking an accessible and vibrant community in southeast Edmonton.
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